AN WhatsApp APK Download (Updated) Latest Verion 2024

Are you seeking to try something different and cool? You need not fret any longer; you are in the right place. ANWhatsApp, a modded version of the messaging app, has several impressive functionalities. We will discuss everything about this mod and provide installation procedures.

A direct secure download link to the most recent version of the application’s APK file is available on this site. So read this post before you install this APK to learn everything deeply. Just jump in!

An WhatsApp

AN WhatsApp

An Arab programmer named Ammar Al-Awadi created AN WhatsApp, a mod of the original WhatsApp. Privacy settings and the option to install more are there in all versions. This mod extends the functionality of the base app in various ways.

We have reached the AN WhatsApp 10 version now. Each variant also includes a few extras. It is widely used because of its convenient auto-reply, disappearing, read-erasing, and prevent-deleting functions.

Download ANWhatsApp APK Update Version 2024

The mod’s name is ANWhatsApp. The latest version of this application is v30. Users with 5.0 Android versions can easily get this app on their devices. The size of this file is 64 mbs. We have compiled a list of ‘AN WhatsApp all versions’ on our site. You can download any version of your choice from this website.

An WhatsApp
File NameAN WhatsApp
Size74 MB
All Mods+1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Last Update1 Hours Ago

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Features Of AN WhatsApp APK

There are several cool features in this APK that you will not find in the official WhatsApp app. Because of these, it stands out as the top choice for you to consider. There are a few things you must know before installing ANWA, and they are as follows:

Adjust to Your Preferences
This mod allows you to regulate your level of public visibility. Imagine you are good at using these brand-new features. If this is the case, you can control how the other person perceives you by giving them as little information as possible. You have complete control over how your project’s text, typefaces, and icons look and function. The app allows for a wide variety of fun customizations.
Anti-Delete Conversations
You may prevent your messages from accidental deletion by activating the “Anti-delete message” in the app’s privacy settings. Thanks to this feature, you may rest assured that none of your prior communications will be lost, which prevents other users from erasing messages on your behalf.
Blue Ticks
A tick will appear in the recipient’s message’s lower right corner if you reply to them using this app. Thanks to this feature, they will know exactly when you have seen their message and when you have replied.
Backup and Recovery
Given the significance of the data kept in WhatsApp, its security is paramount. Many people are concerned about the data they have created. On the other hand, this WhatsApp modification provides a solution. Its backup tool streamlines backing up and restoring data as needed.
Customized Private Chats
Unlike WhatsApp, this solution lets you decide how much privacy each individual or group chat receives. Thanks to the detailed privacy settings that can use to each chat, you have complete control over who can view your messages.
Check Deleted Stories and Statuses
You can keep up with the latest changes to the statuses and stories of your contacts by using the feature of this app that allows you to check what has been deleted. You will get a notification via this feature whenever there is an update to the information in your contacts.
Forward All Messages as Your Own
It’s possible to resend messages without designating them as “forwarded,” thanks to this app’s handy function. It will give the impression to your contacts that everything you send them is unique and personally written by you.
Hide The Blue Tick
The updated version allows you to modify the placement of ticks during chats. A grey tick indicates unread communications, whereas two blue checks indicate the message has been read. Another option is to use the “Hide Blue Tick” function to view messages while creating the impression that you are offline.
Increased Privacy
It is an unofficial mod for WhatsApp, but it has several interesting privacy features that are better than WhatsApp offers. One of the more endearing features we have seen is the option to reject incoming calls with one of several creative responses. Also, you may decide now who can see you and who cannot when you are online. You can use blue tick control in everyday conversations as well.
Manage Your Online Appearance
Even when your device is actively connected to the Internet, this software will give you the impression that you are offline. With this feature, you may manage your availability and online appearance independently.
Manage Your Group Chats
Deleting any message made in a group that bothers you and other members is a great perk of being the group’s administrator. Because of this, keeping the issue under control is less of a challenge. You may also see the dates and names of those who left a group before leaving themselves.
Manage Your Communication
We always make communication mistakes, and there’s usually no simple way to fix them. Accidental emailing of photos to someone we’d rather not show them to is only one example. Switching to this AN WhatsApp all version will give you more control over WhatsApp.
Messages Can Be Read As Many Times As You Like
This program lets you view messages repeatedly, even if they were originally tagged as “view once.” This amazing feature puts you ahead of the curve, giving you an edge over conventional WhatsApp users.
Notifications of Deleted Conversations
The mod can notify you if a chat you participated in gets deleted. As a result, if any edits or deletions are made to your conversations, you will receive a notification.
Phone Calls Under Your Control
You may manage who can contact you through phone calls using this program. If unwanted calls interrupt your day, simply press the “Disable” button to end them. Thanks to this function, you can easily manage incoming calls.
Visual Customization
Because of its clean design and calming color scheme, this WhatsApp replacement provides a more aesthetically attractive experience than the original. Various visual customization options, such as pre-made themes and individual control over theme settings for each account type, are also available.
Other Features
Updated and Refined Functions To avoid misunderstandings, AN WhatsApp APK download will provide a call refusal type choice, emojis, the ability to filter unread messages, in-app translation into many languages, and more. These facets improve the quality of communication while also making it more fruitful. AN WhatsApp all versions are improving and adding more features day by day.

What We Will Get New In The Latest Version v36

When you Go to Amar Adds, select Switch Accounts from the option that displays to use the WhatsApp version that allows you to switch between up to five different numbers. You have a limit to sending 30 photos at once in the official version of WhatsApp, but with AN WhatsApp, you may transmit as many as you like at once, each of which can be up to 700 MB.

You have full access to all of the photos on your device. It can modify your themes and access the theme store if your device has installed the latest version of AN WhatsApp + 11 APK. If you’re looking for more theme options, you can explore more in our Themes section.

How to Download And Install An WhatsApp 2024

The process for AN WhatsApp Download Apk and setting up this mod is very simple. Do check your internet connection and proceed with the steps:

Method for AN WhatsApp Download APK

  • You must click the ‘Download’ button to get the most recent version of ANWhatsApp APK and install it on your smartphone.
  • To install ANWhatsApp, you must find the downloaded file and double-click it.

Note: AN WhatsApp download will not take you more than a minute or two to install this version of WhatsApp. So wait patiently and have high internet speed!

Steps to Install AN WhatsApp

  • After downloading the file, select it with your finger and then choose ‘Install.’
  • After the program installation, it will ask for your phone number confirmation.
  • They may also ask for your contacts, microphone, and cameras by asking you to provide specific permissions. It would be best to touch the Allow button before the app can work fully on your mobile device.
  • You can use the ANWA app once your identification is verified.

Note: A prompt to update to the most recent version of the program will appear in a pop-up window. You can avoid wasting time looking for updates in the future by taking advantage of this.

Pros and Cons Of An WhatsApp
  • The original WhatsApp app does not feature the privacy and security enhancements available in modified versions of this program.
  • A Greater Degree of Control Over Who Can View Your Online Status, Read Your Receipts, and Other Activities.
  • This mod allows changes to bring about enhanced levels of privacy and security.
  • Potential Security Issues with WhatsApp Mods from Untrusted Sources. Threats such as malware, data breaches, and security holes could emerge.
  • Unauthorized changes can access your private data and communications. There is a risk that your information will be messed with.
  • Unlike the official app, a modified version may not be supported or updated. It could make it impossible to update the system or use newer devices.



What is An WhatsApp?

AN WhatsApp is another widely used modded version of WhatsApp. It has a straightforward interface and can send audio, text, image, and video. Swipe-to-reply and group chat are only two of ANWhatsApp’s innovative features.

Is it safe to Download ANWhatsApp?

Using ANWhatsApp may get you banned from the official WhatsApp, but it will not infect your device with malware or show you unwanted ads. For this reason, we advise you to create a new account and stop using the old one.

How Can I Download An WhatsApp?

Simply click the “Download ANWhatsApp APK” button on this page to begin the download process for this modification.

Is WhatsApp illegal to Use?

You can still benefit from it even if it is not the official app. This anti-ban program lets you stop worrying about WhatsApp suspending your account forever.

Final Words

It was all from our side. AN WhatsApp 10 APK download is an option if you like the WhatsApp Golden Theme and want additional golden themes. V30.00 is an improvement over past versions. It still has room for development. As a result, its developers are making certain changes to make it more advanced.
It is the best WhatsApp plus APK out there right now. You can find an error-free ‘AN WhatsApp download’ link from this website.
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