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Have you ever used FMWhatsApp? This article is for you if you have not heard about this amazing app yet. The modified version of WhatsApp that we’ll be considering today is FMWhatsApp APK. We will provide a clear review of the positive aspects, the shortcomings, and the features. 

So, if you have interest, it would be a great read for you! The most recent version of this app is available for download on our website without any known bugs, and it will also protect your privacy.

FM WhatsApp

What is FMWhatsApp APK

This is a modified Android version of WhatsApp Messenger. Third-party developers created it with more features and customization possibilities. This is a WhatsApp MOD that gives users more messaging flexibility.

This software, adapted from WhatsApp, is used by over 15 million people. Even though this customized application may use all of WhatsApp’s functionality, its popularity originates from those that WhatsApp lacks. Do you agree that it’s great to have access to more features in WhatsApp than the average user?

FM WhatsApp
File NameFMWhatsApp
Size64 MB
Last Update1 Day Ago

Developers Of FM WhatsApp

This was developed by a group of individual developers to provide WhatsApp’s standard users with all the missing functionality. One of them is FMMODs. FMMODs created this WhatsApp version first. Users enjoyed this App’s numerous new features. This mod is still popular and active.

Comparison of WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp APK

The Android operating system supports the messaging apps WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp APK. But there are also important distinctions that clarify the comparison between the two:

  • WhatsApp Inc. is an official chat version. Developers regularly update or correct bugs and patch security, while Third-party developers created FMWhatsApp do not support or upgrade it.
  • WhatsApp enables texting, phone and video conversations, group chats, file sharing, end-to-end encryption, and status updates, while FMWhatsApp provides customization choices and functionalities. It may include more privacy settings, file-sharing limits, themes, message scheduling, and other customization features than the official App.
  • WhatsApp emphasizes privacy and security. And End-to-end encryption means only the sender and recipient can see messages and calls. In comparison, Third-party developers created FMWhatsApp, which offers more privacy choices. WhatsApp Inc. does not support it. Modified versions may endanger privacy and security.
  • Violating WhatsApp’s terms of service might result in account suspension or deletion, while A modified WhatsApp may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service. FMWhatsApp may offer more services, but it may suspend your account.
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited5
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
DND Mode
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution

Features of FMWhatsApp APK

The features are what give the modifications App its versatility. Kindly look closely at them.

Themes & Customization
Users can customize the App’s appearance with various themes and features. You may get bored of the same dark and bright themes. But now you can change your FM WhatsApp APK daily. It has almost 4000 themes. You may use any theme. Also, you can change the colours and images of all App icons.
Improved Media Sharing
FMWhatsApp typically allows more media file sharing than the official WhatsApp app. You can share up to 30 images at once. And if more than 30 photos must be shared again. In this MOD, you can select unlimited photos. Sounds great!
Message Scheduler
Now you can schedule messages with Message Scheduler. This function lets users send reminders or timed messages at a certain time. You can select the message, date, and contact as your choice. FMWhatsApp APK will automatically send that message to all contacts on the selected date and time. Saves time, right?
App Lock
FMWhatsApp’s app lock protects conversations with a password or fingerprint. You can easily hide conversations. Also, it will hide chats from search results and contact lists. When opening the hidden list, it will ask for the password. All private!
Privacy Protecting Features
Privacy options enable you to hide your online appearance, receive communications, and read them. You can hide FMWhatsApp’s second tick, blue tick status, typing status, and recording status. Nobody can keep track of your digital presence now!
Possess Dual WhatsApp Accounts
FMWhatsApp lets users run two WhatsApp accounts on one device, which is essential for separating personal and business interactions. Now you may act professionally with little to no effort.
Check the status of Deleted Messages
In the official App, you won’t be aware that someone has uploaded a status until you see “This message has been deleted” in chat or when they delete it. Get FMWhatsApp so that such updates to your status and chats don’t disappear.
Call settings
The only configurable feature of the official version of WhatsApp is the ringtone that will play when a new call comes in. Anybody can give you a call. That is why these options have been included in the FM WhatsApp MOD.

How to Download and Install FMWhatsApp APK

Method to download FMWhatsApp APK

  • To download FMWhatsApp APK, you will need to click on the link that can be found at the very top of our post. 
  • At this step, the FMWhatsApp download will begin shortly. 
  • Now, you must navigate to the download manager as soon as the download is complete.

Note: Please check your internet connection; its speed is a factor while downloading this app.

Method to install FMWhatsApp APK

  • To install this WhatsApp mod, you must first ensure that your phone’s settings are set to allow installation from ‘unknown sources.’
  • Then, you must start the installation procedure by selecting the downloaded APK file and tapping on it.
  • Now, please enter your phone number and offer any additional information.
  • And then you also have the option to restore the backup of your account. 
  • When all of the prerequisites have been done, you can begin using FMWhatsApp. 

You can now enjoy using your newly installed whatsapp.

Pros and Cons of FMWhatsApp

  1. FMWhatsApp extends the functionality of the official WhatsApp app with a slew of new features and personalization settings. The limits on media sharing can be enhanced, new themes can be installed, and messages can be scheduled.
  2. It lets users change their theme and other aesthetic elements to enjoy their usage.
  3. FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod that allows you to use two accounts on one device. It is a great tool if you have many phone numbers or want to keep your personal and work lives distinct.
  4. FMWhatsApp gives users greater discretion in messaging interactions by letting them private their online status, blue ticks, and typing status from selected contacts. It can improve privacy and allow users more control over their interactions.
  1. it is an unofficial, user-created update to the original App. Since WhatsApp Inc. has not supported it, users should be wary of its security and privacy. Unofficial builds may include bugs or malware and should be avoided.
  2. It is important to note that using a modified version of WhatsApp, such as FMWhatsApp, will likely result in account suspension as it is against WhatsApp’s terms of service. Users using customized versions of WhatsApp may have their accounts suspended or deleted, as the company has stringent restrictions regarding such usage.
  3. Unfortunately, WhatsApp Inc. provides no official updates or support for FMWhatsApp. It means that established support sites can only help FMWhatsApp users if they run into problems.
  4. It may only sometimes work with the most up-to-date versions of WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp may experience compatibility issues or feature restrictions if it does not reflect updates to the official WhatsApp user.

Note: The decision to use FMWhatsApp MOD APK or any other MOD version of WhatsApp requires careful consideration of the pros and cons listed here.



How can I download FM Whatsapp?

The most recent version of this application is available for download by clicking the link above. The download link is conveniently available on this page. You may get FM WhatsApp APK this method.

How can I update my FMWhatsApp?

It is highly recommended to ensure that you’re always using the most recent version of this application. Keep visiting our site to see if you want any error-free updates or recent versions. If you are looking for the most recent version, it is recommended that you upgrade by uninstalling the older one.

Which App is best FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp?

The simple answer is that GB WhatsApp has much more features than FM WhatsApp. But it entirely depends on the preferences of the user. Both applications are modded versions of WhatsApp Inc.

Which App is best FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp?

The simple answer is that GB WhatsApp has much more features than FM WhatsApp. But it entirely depends on the preferences of the user. Both applications are modded versions of WhatsApp Inc.

Is using FM WhatsApp safe?

There is no way to ensure that you will not get in trouble if you use FMWhatsApp or another modified version of WhatsApp. Users’ phones are vulnerable to malware via unauthorized MODs like the FMWhatsApp app.

Final Words

FMWhatsApp is an excellent app if you want more features in your App. To make it simple, if you desire privacy and legality, don’t use the modified version. But if you want features and customization while chatting, go for it. The updated App allows customization, personalization, and variety but not privacy. Now you decide to choose what is best for you.
Also, if you want the most recent version, download it from our website as soon as possible!
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