WhatsApp Plus APK v17.60 Free Download January 2024

Are you in search of a reliable site to download WhatsApp Plus APK? Then you have landed on the right web page. You do not have to worry about viruses when downloading WhatsApp Plus APK from this site because it’s free and secure. Feel free to download it right now.

Do you want to explore the obvious features of WhatsApp Plus? If this is your case, you should read this whole article from start to end. You will learn WhatsApp Plus’s inner workings to maximize its use.

WhatsApp Plus

What is WhatsApp Plus APK

The WhatsApp Plus APK is a version of the WhatsApp application that is not officially supported and has been customized. It offers a variety of additional features and configuration choices that are not available in the standard WhatsApp version. WhatsApp Plus APK was developed separately from WhatsApp Inc. and had no connection to the official company.

It is developed and kept up to date by a group of programmers who work together to improve upon and extend the functionality of the WhatsApp original app. These programmers create WhatsApp Plus APK individually, and their versions can vary widely regarding functionality and updates.

WhatsApp Plus

Is WhatsApp Plus legal or not in 2024?

There are significant questions about whether or not the current circumstance is legal in 2024 or not. This software was once accessible but has now been removed from the official app stores where it could be downloaded.

Versions of WhatsApp that have been modified in some way, such as WhatsApp Plus, have not been authorized by WhatsApp and are consequently against the law. The developer of the official version of WhatsApp, which is known as WhatsApp Inc., does not support or encourage WhatsApp Plus.

In short, the creators of WhatsApp have spoken out against the software, calling it both unlawful and potentially hazardous. Despite this, there has been no reaction from the relevant WhatsApp authorities. Because of this, the question of the legality of this App has not been resolved to anyone’s satisfaction.

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File Information

File NameWhatsApp Plus APK
File Size62 MB
Latest Update1 Day Ago

Difference Between Official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

The distinction between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus MOD APK can observe clearly. The fact that WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial modification of WhatsApp that independent developers built is the primary distinction between the original WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

The following are some important distinctions that may be made between the two:

  • You may get the original version of WhatsApp from reliable sources such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, while the WhatsApp Plus app cannot be downloaded from official app stores. 
  • WhatsApp official offers official support, while WhatsApp Plus has no official support or updates from WhatsApp Inc.
  • Official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus differ regarding their features, customization, and functions.

Is WhatsApp Plus Better than the Official WhatsApp

Whether WhatsApp Plus is better than WhatsApp is ultimately dependent on one’s preferences and needs. WhatsApp Plus adds personalization and features to WhatsApp. Some users may like these added options and personalize their texting experience.

Because WhatsApp Plus is a customized application based on the official WhatsApp, it has access to the same functions as the original WhatsApp and several functions.

However, it does not make WhatsApp Plus better because of the official version of WhatsApp. It delivers just what it advertises in terms of its anonymity level. However, the security features of this customized software are restricted to only those of your WhatsApp connections.

Here we can see a comparison table to understand which WhatsApp is better.

FeaturesWhatsApp PLUSWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited5
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
DND Mode
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution

Download Now (v17.60)

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

Facilitation Of The Theme
The WhatsApp Plus app users can personalize their experience by selecting from several themes that look good and perform their intended functions. The user interface can be modified to better suit your preferences. Text, buttons, and other graphical components can all be modified to reflect your preferences. The programs cannot be changed from their default state to allow for customization.

Because of this, WhatsApp Plus makes it easy to pick the setting with the best overall appeal. More than 700 distinct customized themes are available when using WhatsApp Plus. Instantly downloadable themes are available to users of WhatsApp Plus, and the program will neatly classify them according to name, release date, and version. Isn’t it sound interesting?

Icons For WhatsApp
Who among you has ever wondered whether or not there are still free WhatsApp icons available for use with the most recent version of WhatsApp? However, with WhatsApp Plus, we can make this a reality. This pack includes more than ten hilarious WhatsApp icons, allowing you to send out WhatsApp alerts that will make your loved ones chuckle. Right?
Hide Media In The Gallery
Regarding real-time communication methods, media items are the most covert. We must prevent them from going missing or falling into the wrong hands. On the other hand, the WhatsApp Gallery app allows users to examine both sent and received versions of all WhatsApp messages.

If you upgrade to WhatsApp Plus, you can hide your photographs and videos from other users. It will enhance your privacy.

History And Logs
The default version of WhatsApp does not come equipped with the convenient History and Logs functionality found in the WhatsApp Plus APK. For your convenience, a record of any transactions connected to your account can be kept in this manner. You can do a lot of useful things with this.

So you can keep checking on your records now. It appears to be practical now!

Pin Conversations
It is extremely irritating that the free version of WhatsApp only lets you pin three conversations at once; it’s a limitation that bothers most of us.

WhatsApp Plus is trying to enhance the overall quality of the user experience. You can pin 1000 conversations; this will be more than enough to meet your requirements for pin ability. Right?

Hiding Online
Users of the official app version were fed up with frequently interrupted online conversations with other people. As a direct result, the capacity to hide oneself was included in WhatsApp Plus.

You can make your status hidden from particular persons or groups. Because of the availability of this choice, the realm of encrypted communication has recently received some much-needed autonomy.

Quit your worrying! And regardless of who you are chatting with, WhatsApp’s Hide Online MOD will help you to keep your online status private and secure.

Better File-Sharing For Multimedia
Regarding the ability to share files, the official version of WhatsApp has received a lot of criticism from users. If these files are not extremely compressed, the transmission could be slowed down due to their enormous size.

With WhatsApp Plus, you may transfer large-sized files and videos without compressing them or dividing them into smaller clips. It eliminates the need to send many smaller files. Sounds helpful!

Message Scheduling
You can set a time to delivery any message with the help of this app.
Locking WhatsApp
There are many major days, events, and holidays and what if you get busy on those days? Now you may schedule event messages any time using the free message scheduling feature of WhatsApp Plus APK. Now you can easily avail of it!

The WhatsApp Lock function is included in the App user interface to assist with the secure storage of critical information. Users can safeguard their messages using a PIN, a pattern, or their fingerprints with WhatsApp Plus, doing away with the requirement for third-party app locks. You also have the option to turn off person-to-person chat using this setting.

Additional Emoticons
The original App includes emoticons, which add more personable air to the interaction. On the other hand, this program has increased the number of emoticons available in its collection. Members of WhatsApp Plus are the only ones who can access the smileys.

But if you send an emoticon to a device running an older app version, the person who receives the emoticon will not see the updated version.

High-Quality Personalization
Rooted devices have a big competitive advantage over unrooted devices due to the versatility of the Android user interface. You will have access to the same high-quality personalization choices regardless of whether or not the phone you use has been rooted.
Automatic Reply
Whatsapp Plus developed this feature to make the lives of its users easier; however, at present, it is only available to those who have Whatsapp Business Accounts. As a result, you can decide which contacts should receive an auto-reply and then send them a message that has already been determined. It will save the user’s maximum time and energy. Right?

Download Now (v17.60)

How to Switch From WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus APK

Sadly, WhatsApp Plus APK cannot be downloaded from the Google Play store under any circumstances. Because of this, go to the Official Plus website and get the update, then install it. Installing the App on your device is the next logical step, so go ahead and do that. Then, kindly follow the instructions that are listed below. It is a proper way to accomplish things.

Before using WhatsApp, you need to create a Backup
It is necessary to save all data from the App’s initial version. For such work, you will require the use of other programs. The application of Dr. Fone is the most appropriate software for the task. Therefore, download it from the internet and install it on your computer.
Link your device to your personal computer
After this, connect your device to your computer with the help of a USB cable. The next thing you need to do is start up Dr. Fone on your computer and select the backup option from its menu. You will start a data backup as soon as you complete this step. In this scenario, the only thing you can do is wait patiently.
Verify the display on your computer
After you have completed everything, you need to double-check the top to be sure until the backup has been completely completed.
The last step is to restart WhatsApp Plus
Next, select the ” restore ” option to import your previous WhatsApp data into the new App. When you perform this operation, the newly updated App will restore all its previous data. The redesigned software now allows users to access their messages and other information.

Requirements to Download WhatsApp Plus

This section is for you if you have decided to upgrade your WhatsApp experience to the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus APK but are still determining whether your phone is compatible with the new version. If your phone does not possess any of the specified specifications, you will be required to satisfy the conditions.

You will need a phone that runs the Android OS to get started. We are sorry to tell you this, but iPhone users cannot take advantage of this program because it was not developed with them in mind.

So to install files obtain from third-party sources, the “unknown sources” option must be activate in your mobile device’s settings.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus

Learning to acquire the WhatsApp Plus APK file and install it on your device will take a little time. You are free to continue with the installation of this App once you have determine that your device meets all of the requirements that have been outlined above. The following guidelines you can use:

Steps to Download WhatsApp Plus APK
  • Since WhatsApp Plus isn’t a Play Store app, you’ll need to allow the third-party installation capability on your Android smartphone before you can install it. 
  • To access these settings, you must first launch the Settings App. 
  • Once you’ve done that, kindly head to the Security settings and look for the option to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • A pop-up warning will appear if you select Unknown sources. You must Click the Allow or Enable button on the alert that appears. 
  • Here you have to download the most recent Whatsapp Plus Mod APK.

Download Now (v17.60)

 Steps to Install WhatsApp Plus APK
  • When the download is finish, open the Downloads folder (or another location of your choosing) in the operating system or a third-party file management tool.
  • To open the APK window, you have to click on the file. 
  • Now, you must Select Install in this window and wait for the installation to finish. (The installation process typically takes a few minutes or less on devices with advanced specifications.) 
  • The setup is complete! Now you must open the App by selecting it from your device’s app location.
  • Lastly, allow all the required permissions for WhatsApp Plus to function, including those for Storage, Call, Camera, and Gallery.

Now you can easily enjoy your Whatsapp Plus 2024 free download.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Plus
1. Some features and settings adjustments not in the official App may be available in WhatsApp Plus, like media-sharing alternatives, skin-personalization alternatives, and more.

2. With WhatsApp Plus Mod APK, users may enjoy different fonts, colors, and backgrounds to create their ideal messaging environment.

3. In some updated

4. Versions of WhatsApp Plus, the online status, read receipts, and typing indicators can be private to you.

1. WhatsApp Plus and other unauthorized, modified versions are neither produced nor supported by WhatsApp Inc.

2. The source and legitimacy of these modified versions cannot be verified, which may threaten your personal data’s security.

3. WhatsApp Inc. does not update or support WhatsApp Plus. You may miss important security patches, bug fixes, and new features.

4. Not all smartphones or operating systems support WhatsApp Plus. Unofficial versions may have bugs or instability.



What is WhatsApp Plus?

It is a third-party application where users can download WhatsApp Plus to acquire further functional enhancements. The WhatsApp Plus APK shares many of the same features as WhatsApp because it was created off of WhatsApp.

How is WhatsApp Plus different from WhatsApp?

The premium version of WhatsApp may be gotten with little effort. Utilizing the download button at the website’s top will allow you to obtain it. Then, you only need to hold tight until the download is finished. After that, all you need to do is download the App, and you may immediately begin using it.

Is WhatsApp Plus safe to use?

Many users use this modified build at the moment. The number of people using WhatsApp Plus is growing, and there have been no complaints regarding the add-on’s dependability that have been brought to light. Therefore, it is risk-free to utilize WhatsApp Plus APK after downloading it.

Can I use WhatsApp Plus alongside the official WhatsApp app?

Because of the work put in by the developer, it is now feasible to use WhatsApp Plus in conjunction with the primary App. However, if you want to use both versions simultaneously on the same phone, you must dial the numbers for each version separately.

Is WhatsApp Plus available on official app stores?

We are sorry to inform you that acquiring WhatsApp Plus from any official app store, including the Google Play and Apple App Store, is impossible. The APK file has to be downloaded from a reputable website that a third party runs.

Can my WhatsApp account get banned for using WhatsApp Plus?

If you continue using WhatsApp Plus, your account will eventually be suspended or deleted. The fundamental justification for this is that WhatsApp Plus is not an official build of WhatsApp. If it comes to WhatsApp’s attention that you are utilizing an unofficial build, they have every right to permanently deactivate your account.

How to Update WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus, which extends the App’s functionality in several ways, is not downloaded via the Google Play Store. You must obtain the WhatsApp Plus APK download to utilize the program.

Final Words

We hope you have gained useful knowledge about WhatsApp Plus from reading this article. Before making a final decision, you should consider both the positives and negatives of each option. WhatsApp Plus APK is excellent, and if you still need to do so, you should download it as soon as possible. You can download the secure version from our website.
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