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Today’s guide will help you learn about Aero WhatsApp APK, a modified version of WhatsApp. The creation of this moded application began in 2018, and it was launched in February 2022.

You will explore many differentiating features of this mod, including its design, features, themes, privacy settings, and more. Also, you can easily download the latest version from this page right now!

Aero WhatsApp

Aero WhatsApp

A Turkish developer Bozkurt Hazzar who developed this modified app. Bozkurt perfected the WhatsApp implementation of FoudMakdad. Aero Modified WhatsApp has a large user base. This Aero WhatsApp APK has a sleek, simple, and appealing user interface.

It’s customizable to fit your texting needs. All fonts, colors, themes, and backgrounds are now altered in this application. It also has an excellent media player and can save audio and video files. Support for numerous accounts, a night mode, and scheduled messages also include.

It encrypts data at both transmission ends and requires a second authentication factor to access. Aero WhatsApp is a worthy replacement for WhatsApp that adds useful features.

Download WhatsApp Aero APK Latest Version 2024

Aero WhatsApp
File NameAero WhatsApp
OwnerAeromods & Fouad Mokdad
File Size78 MB
Last Update1 Day Ago

Is Aero WhatsApp safe?

Everyone is curious about the safety of Aero WhatsApp. The security of their users is a top concern for app creators. Aero WhatsApp developers never want their users to be in danger. Aero for WhatsApp is an alternative messaging service. Due to the policy violation, the app is unavailable on the play store.

Any programmer can slip in malicious components since WhatsApp Aero APK is shared via external platforms. Make sure you check out that page before installing Aero WhatsApp. Get WhatsAppAero APK 2024 Latest version from a trusted source, and then download it. Our download of Aero Whatsapp’s latest version is 100% virus-free. Before representing it to you, we ensure the program works without bugs.

Can I use WhatsApp Aero Along With Official WhatsApp?

You can use this modded version with the main WhatsApp application. Using WhatsApp and WhatsApp Aero on the same mobile device is possible. You do not need to use any of these methods if you do not want to remove the software that, by default, installs.

The anti-ban capability of the mod you are using on your Android phone will keep it hidden. Please make an effort to locate it and download it onto your device.

Features of Aero WhatsApp APK

So, Before clicking the Aero WhatsApp APK download icon, review the listed features. It will help you to make a decision and make a comparison between the official and mod versions.

Anti-Ban AERO WA
If the official WhatsApp bans your account, the WhatsApp Aero version’s anti-ban feature will keep you connected. Thanks to its anti-ban protection, you can keep using WA Aero mod indefinitely.
Data Backup
You may safeguard your information by copying it using this mod. To use the capabilities of WhatsApp Aero APK on another device, you can copy your WhatsApp data backup and install the app.
Updated User Interface
The WhatsApp Aero APK is a brand-new, visually appealing user experience that sets it apart. It has a highly unique UI that you will like using.
AERO Various Themes
This app’s Aero themes store has a wide variety of skins for your smartphone or tablet. If you need more time to get tired of the default theme, the Aero store has many options for you to try out.
You can turn the notifications off in this app using this amazing Do Not Disturb (DND) feature. You will not receive any message in this mode when using your device.
Message Scheduling
Be on time to text again with the help of the Message Scheduler feature. With this extension, you can prearrange when critical messages are sent. The official WhatsApp lacks this functionality of scheduling.
Unique Fonts
It allows you to choose various typefaces to express your individuality. This app is not distributed through the official version.
Anti-Virus AERO WA
This WhatsApp upgrade provides further protection against viruses. Because even friends can play pranks on us by delivering viruses, you must make sure that your device will function normally after an attempt of viral attack.
Hide Media from Gallery
Are you worried about getting discovered if your loved ones secretly lend your phone? You may avoid having these photos appear in your gallery by installing the Aero WhatsApp APK on your device.
The Instagram-like stories bar
Like the Instagram mod, WhatsApp Aero now features a stories bar designed to look like Instagram’s. You’ll quickly become obsessed with this hack because of all the cool new features it adds to WhatsApp.
Improved Data Sharing Limit
With WhatsApp Aero APK, you are now unlimited in the number of media files you can send simultaneously. Using WhatsApp extensions, you no longer need to choose the files each time manually.
Automatic Reply
Suppose someone sends you a message while you are offline. You do not need to worry! The app will automatically reply to a by default message on your behalf. Similar functionality is available in WhatsApp for Business.
Sticker packs and emojis variation
This mod has emoticons and stickers that can liven up any conversation.
Changing font styles
Change the font, size, color, and header color, among other things, with the mods available for this version of WhatsApp. All of WhatsApp Aero’s features are available at no cost on Android devices.
Send Large Data Files
One of the significant aspects of WA Aero is that you can send significantly more data than you can with regular WhatsApp. The previous WhatsApp Aero video limit has been raised in the most recent update.
Improved Security
The improved security of the WhatsApp Aero APK comes from its anti-ban function and additional layers of encryption. Someone else must break your chosen code to use this mod.
Customizable Home Screens
With WA Aero, you may change the appearance of your home screen at any time. These are some of the finest features of this application.
Sharing High-Quality Data
It allows for high-quality data transfer. It means you can send high-resolution photographs using this mod.
Hide the blue tick
Some other WhatsApp mods also include the option to hide the blue ticks. You can remove the blue ticks if you accidentally opened a message and did not intend to respond.

How to Download And Install Aero WhatsApp APK

You must follow the specified methods to download and install WhatsApp Aero APK on your Android phone.

Steps For Aero WhatsApp APK Download
  • First, you must Launch your web browser and look for the WhatsApp Aero APK file.
  • After that, you can Get the AERO WA by opening the website and getting the download button.
  • Keep waiting for the download to complete.
  • Launch WhatsApp Aero from your device’s file manager once the download is complete.
Steps For Aero WhatsApp APK Installation
  • Now, you must Allow the Aero WhatsApp APK installation from unknown sources and tap the install button.
  • Once the download process is complete, you can launch the WhatsApp mod for Android.
  • The used account number enter at this time.
  • Provide your phone number to activate this WhatsApp mod.
  • It will text you a verification code to verify your phone number.
  • All you need to do is enter and begin using that number.

Note: Ensure your internet is working well to quickly get the most recent version of WhatsApp Aero APK for your Android.


Changing font styles

What is the Aero WhatsApp?

Aero WhatsApp is based on the original but with a modified version. It adds multiple features unavailable in the official WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Aero app is visually stunning, and its ease of use and various features are just two more reasons to love it.

Is WhatsApp Aero safe?

It is unofficial as a third-party developer modified this version of WhatsApp. Aero WhatsApp’s security is unknown, but you may get it from our website because it is free of cost and without any virus.

Can we use Aero WhatsApp?

Users are required to use only the original WhatsApp app or verified third-party apps. Therefore downloading and installing WhatsApp Aero violates WhatsApp’s terms of service. You can use it if your focus is to enjoy texting more and find various features useful.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Aero and WhatsApp?

A group of independent programmers has modified the app. It offers customization options not included in the official versions, such as tens of thousands of themes, extensive personalization options, slick fonts, and more.

Who is the developer of WhatsApp Aero?

Aero The WhatsApp service was developed independently of the WhatsApp corporation. It’s a modified version of WhatsApp made by an independent programmer named Hazar Bozkurt.

Final Words

Aero WhatsApp allows you to customize practically everything. You can keep the delivery status and media gallery private. This app’s Turkish developer worked hard to make it unique. Click the AERO WhatsApp APK download icon above to use this app from this site. WhatsApp does not support Aero WhatsApp. Since it’s a WhatsApp mod, it could get banned permanently.

We recommend using aero whatsapp download 2024 with your alternative phone number to enjoy your texting experience with your loved ones. Kindly avoid outdated WhatsApp Aero apps.

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