Blue WhatsApp APK v9.91(Official) Free Download For Android 2024

In today’s article, we will highlight a Whatsapp modification called Blue WhatsApp. A considerable number of WhatsApp users have peculiar suggestions for the service. It is one of the best upgrades for WhatsApp.

We will discuss the features that users can utilize and the configuration steps for this modified version of WhatsApp. Read this comprehensive guide to have an understanding of all of the specifics. You are most welcome to download the recent version from ‘’ with a single click!

Blue Whatsapp

Blue WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp is a fantastic WhatsApp modded version developed by an independent programmer. Users can download and install this mod on any Android device for no cost. It improves upon the core WhatsApp app in several ways. The newest version of this mod performs wonderfully.

Now, you need to stop bugging others to spread your status update. This mod includes more emojis, customizable themes, end-to-end encryption, hiding blue ticks, a more significant maximum number of shared links, and more.

Download Blue WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2024

This outstanding modification is known as Blue WhatsApp. On the ‘,’ you will find the latest version of this app. You can use it on an Android system that has 5.0 or more. The size of this file is 64 MB. Download it by tapping on the button within a few minutes.

File NameBlue WhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File Size71 MB
Last Update1 Day Ago

Features Of Blue WhatsApp

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So many people use WhatsApp Plus Blue it’s hard to count. You will learn about the many valuable features found in this mod. Have a look!

Backup & Restore Your Data
When you buy a new phone and install WhatsApp, you can restore a backup of your data from a prior device. Blue WhatsApp allows you to save your WhatsApp conversations so that you may move them to a new phone without any hassle. As a result, after restoring your data from a backup, you may continue using your account just as you did before, right down to accessing the same group chats you had on your old device.
Built-In Music and Video Downloader
You can stop bothering that person for the status update now that you don’t have to. If you like a WhatsApp status, you can download it to your phone and keep it as a reminder. It may be done without spending extra money or installing third-party software, even if you don’t have any media downloader apps on your phone.
Customized As You Like
Users can customize this mod to their liking regarding the color scheme and other features. While functionally identical to the original WhatsApp app, this alternative allows you to modify it to suit your preferences.
Efficient Data Transmission
You can simultaneously reach at least five chats with the accessible version of WhatsApp. You may also find it challenging to send files, i.e., 100 MB in size. On the other hand, WhatsApp Plus Blue expands upon all of these limitations. Once installed, you can simultaneously send up to 30 images and 100 text messages.
Full Blue User Interface
The utterly blue user interface is one of the best and most unique features of Blue WhatsApp, and it will stand out to you right away. If you find WhatsApp’s default green interface boring, switch to a more visually appealing blue one. Based on WhatsApp’s design, this app’s latest iteration of the WhatsApp mod allows you to change to a new look and feel for your messaging needs.

You are going to flip for the fact that this customized build of WhatsApp is a uniform shade of blue. This program adjusts the transparency of the hue so that it no longer stands out starkly against its background. If blue is your favorite color, you should use this offer and switch to WhatsApp Plus Blue.

Freeze Your Last Seen
You can pause the last scene you saw in WhatsApp Plus Blue by selecting “Freeze Last Seen.” If you use this strategy, even if you may be connected to the internet now, no one can tell when you were last online. It has a unique feature not available in WhatsApp’s official version.
Hiding the Blue Ticks
The added ability to moderate chats with blue tick marks is fantastic. Two grey checkmarks mean they are online, but they must read your message. Once the recipient reads your message, you’ll see two blue checkmarks in the chat box. An excellent mod’s feature lets you turn off the read status indicator by clicking in the upper right corner of your application’s settings.
Modify WhatsApp Blue to iOS Appearance
With this updated and modified version of the WhatsApp application, you may make your old and boring WhatsApp resemble the design of iOS.
Send Messages Without Internet Temporarily
With WhatsApp Blue APK, you may still communicate even when you don’t have service. If you do not have access to the internet, you can still use this texting tool to write a message. Once you reconnect to the internet, the recipient will get the forwarded notice from WhatsApp’s server to tell where its temporary storage location is.

Why Is Blue WhatsApp Good to Use?

There are many good points to discover about this mod. It expands WhatsApp’s personalization choices beyond those found in WhatsApp’s official app store. You can see who deleted chats, prevent messages from being deleted, and receive notifications if someone deletes a statement by downloading this mod, which allows you to change the colors and themes of the WhatsApp app.

You can use the internet with all apps except WhatsApp, so no one bothers you, close chats with a secret word, and customize the privacy for each conversation or generally. If WhatsApp voice calls are an annoyance, you may turn them off. Scheduled messages are a lifesaver; send a message to a group or individual contact. It is open-source and without cost to its users.

How to Download And Install Blue WhatsApp APK

Despite not being available in the Google Play store, This is a quick and easy setup. You can use the method to get your hands on similar programs. It would help if you only stuck to the instructions listed below for you:

Steps for Blue WhatsApp Download
  • First, Clicking the download button will take you directly to the Blue WhatsApp download page.
  • Please only do something else once you finish the download process.
  • And the next step is to allow downloads from ‘unknown sources’ in your phone’s settings.
Steps for Blue WhatsApp Installation
  • You can find this app using your preferred file manager.
  • You can get this version by tapping the Install button on your device.
  • After setup, it will verify your number.
  • You can start using this modded version immediately after entering the required data. That’s it!

Pros and Cons Of Blue WhatsApp

1. The older version of WhatsApp lacked the mod’s extensive personalization features.

2. This mod gives you access to many different emoticons for enhanced communication.

3. The launcher icon, the chat image, the pop-up notification can change colors, and more.

1. The fact that this app is you cannot download this mod via the Google Play store is, without a doubt, the biggest drawback of this mod.

2. It’s a third-party program, and it’s common for apps like this to have malware.

3. The original WhatsApp developer denied affiliation with third-party creators.



What is Blue WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Blue APK is a mod of the original WhatsApp that expands upon the messaging platform’s capabilities. Users may chat better on WhatsApp if you take advantage of its aesthetic features.

How to Download Blue WhatsApp?

When users click on the download option, they will have a display of the mod’s download URL, which enables them to quickly and conveniently download the Blue WhatsApp APK.

Is Blue WhatsApp Safe To Use?

It is unavailable on a reliable source like the App Store or Google Play. That’s why some people would say it is not safe. However, this communication tool has received rave user reviews and performs admirably regularly. Therefore, it’s a relatively safe app.

How Can I Update Blue WhatsApp?

Keep visiting the ‘’ to get the most recent build of this mod and enjoy Blue WhatsApp in its improved and advanced version.

Final Words

In this article, we covered every aspect of Blue WhatsApp APK. The straightforward instructions here will have you up and running with the newest version of WhatsApp Blue in no time. Users are Sharing positive experiences and expanding the list of users of this mod.

However, WhatsApp executives may be wary about owning a third-party app. The app is not on the Play Store, but you can get it here by tapping the ‘Blue WhatsApp download’ button.

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