Fouad WhatsApp APK v9.95 Download Latest Version 2024

Want to know about Fouad WhatsApp APK? We are here to help you out. It is a mod of WhatsApp that adds several more features to your conversations.

You may escape WhatsApp’s restrictions and start making the most of your Android by installing the newest version of this app. It is a free, privacy-enhancing mod to WhatsApp. You may get this wonderful app from this site.

Fouad WhatsApp

What is Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad Mokdad is the creator of the most popular WhatsApp mod App, including Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and more. It is one of the other popular mod versions of WhatsApp. It is an excellent moded version of WhatsApp. All messages sent and received within this app are encrypted.

With this mod, it is possible to send any file, even large ones, plus built-in privacy and a Do Not Disturb mode. This free WhatsApp mod is full of features. It’s an alternative to WhatsApp with some added features. The developer of Fouad WhatsApp mostly releases updates that will be full of new features and fix bugs.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

Fouad Whatsapp
File NameFouad WhatsApp
Size76 MB
Downloads1 Million+
Operating SystemAndroid
Last Update1 Day Ago

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What is the Difference Between Fouad WhatsApp and WhatsApp

Some of the main differences between these two applications can check below

  • Fouad WhatsApp is a modded version, while WhatsApp is the official one. You can download WhatsApp from the official stores, but this mod is unavailable there.
  • This app lets users customize its design. User interface elements are customizable with themes, fonts, and styles.
  • The official WhatsApp lacks Fouad WhatsApp’s privacy features. These features include hiding your online status, the option to read receipts, and typing signs. It also includes app lock and chat password protection.
Fouad WhatsApp Features

Fouad WhatsApp APK Features

Add a Profile Picture
Customizing your screen’s background is very easy; use that image as your profile picture. If you follow these instructions, your application will have a solid background. The section’s styles can be previewed before they are implemented.
Transfer Any File
Thanks to this mod, you can now send any file to the persons in your contact list. Using this version of whatsapp to send and receive PDF files will not cause problems in your business life.
Anti-Ban Fouad WA
This app should proceed without a hitch, as it includes the feature to avoid bans. You may rest easy knowing that your data will be secure and safe when using Fouad WhatsApp on your Android device.
Simple in Function
Simple in design, the Fouad app, WhatsApp, requires almost no instruction. The app operates similarly to the original WhatsApp when not in mod mode.
Hide Media
It is possible to hide pictures and videos from your mobile phone’s gallery. To get benefit from this feature, get the Android app Fouad WhatsApp. Once it’s set up, you can keep your files off of sight in the gallery. In this way, you may protect WhatsApp-related media on your Android device.
Customize Shading
There will be a shading line between your visits on the main screen. You can bring the shading into focus by clicking on a separate tab. The primary screen allows you to choose the hue of the date. Pending messages can be colored in any way you like. For the main screen’s shading, you can look there. The opportunity to file a content shading report can be found on the visit screen.
Personalize your Display Picture
You can choose an image next to your bubbles to personalize your profile. They have the imaginative feature to be placed on single, double, or all air pockets.
Message Someone without Saving Contact
Although you can send a message to anyone, the official WhatsApp app makes you save a contact’s number before you can send a message. Fouad WhatsApp does not require you to save a contact’s number before you may send them a message.
Real-time Color Preview
It provides a live preview of color adjustments, so you can see how they appear on the main screen as you make them. It previews your customizations directly on the mod’s home screen.
Sending Fowarded Texts to Others
Choose a background color for forwarded messages and pass them along without mentioning “forwarded.” Sending a forwarded message with the official WhatsApp app will immediately notify the receiver that it is forwarded.
High-Quality Image Sharing
This mod allows you to play around with shading and modify voice notes. The latest version of this mod allows users to customize the play bar for voice notes.
Variety of Emoji Sets
WhatsApp provides its users with access to a variety of emoji packs. You can use these emoticons in your talks, and they can also improve the visual appeal of your chat window.
Built-In Call Blocker
This WhatsApp mod lets users take calls despite a built-in call blocker prohibiting receiving them.
Hiding Blue Ticks
You can hide your blue ticks if you accidentally read a message. It is helpful since sometimes we don’t want to answer a person’s question, but we must figure out how to avoid doing so. If you accidentally opened the app’s message and want to close it, you can do so with this feature.
Anti-Delete Texting
Normally, if someone sends you a WhatsApp message and then deletes it, you can see what it said once you ask the person who sent it to you. You can get the premium mod Anti-Delete Messages for both iOS and Android. Even if another user deletes a message, you can still view it because the app stores all communications until they deleted.
Store for Various Themes
This app includes a Themes Store where you may select a new look for your app. Set your app apart from the competition by using a premade theme from the store.
Arabic Language Translation
The Arabic translation will be true to the original message’s meaning. Selecting Arabic as your preferred language will make using this app a breeze for anyone from the countries like the United Arab Emirates.
Check Deleted Status
If a user deletes his WhatsApp status and you have yet to see it, you will never be able to see it again. Downloading Fouad WhatsApp, however, will grant you access to all statuses, even if their users have since deleted them.
Modify Pictures
In the main base, the images will be edited at some time. When sending a photo by email, several options are available for adjusting it before sending it.
DND mode, or do not disturb mode, is available within the mod. If you’re working on something important and don’t want to be interrupted, you can stop receiving notifications from Fouad WhatsApp by turning on this setting.
Built-In App Locker
This app can unlock your device if you’ve forgotten your password. Now that you can protect your WhatsApp conversations with a passcode or fingerprint, you may feel safe giving your phone to anyone without worrying about the safety of your messages.
Quick Message Scheduling
With the help of the message scheduler available with Fouad mods, you will never miss another WhatsApp commitment again.

How to Download and Install Fouad WhatsApp

Method to Download Fouad WhatsApp:

We have included links to Download Fouad WhatsApp for your convenience. If you still need to do so, follow the instructions to ensure you get the most recent version of this mod.

  • Firstly, you need to open your web browser. 
  • After that, you have to Visit
  • You must use the Fouad WhatsApp download page as a search keyword at this step. 
  • So, several search results will include a link to where you may get the application. 
  • You can get the program by going to the download page this way. 

Note: The link to Download Fouad WhatsApp is available at the click of a mouse on our page.

Method to Install Fouad WhatsApp:

Follow these instructions to install the latest mods:

  • Now, you must locate the option to allow app installations from unknown sources on the settings of your Android smartphone.
  • You must allow installation from unknown sources to use this mod software on Android at this step.
  • Users can access the download location through the file manager on their device.
  • Now, you need to Click the Fouad modifications APK file to set it up on your device.
  • You can access all of these cool new options by entering your number. That’s it!

Note: Fouad WhatsApp is not available through the Google Play store. Thus users must manually download and install updates to use the most recent version.

Pro And Cons Of Fouad WhatsApp APK
1. The main benefit of this mod is its nearly infinite customization options, allowing the app to be tailored to the individual’s visual and functional preferences.

2. This MOD’s privacy-enhancing features make it far more discreet than the stock software, hiding blue ticks, status, and so on and allowing them to password-protect or fully conceal their conversations.

3. Unlike other Whatsapp MODs like WhatsApp Plus, Fouad WhatsApp allows you to utilize two accounts on the same device because the package name differs from WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp did not create or support modified versions of WhatsApp. Malware and other security issues may be present in unofficial apps. Get your hands on several reputable download sites.

2. The most recent version of WhatsApp may not work with Fouad WhatsApp because it is a third-party modified version. It can lead to compatibility issues or delay the introduction of new features.



Is Fouad WhatsApp safe?

It is secure to use, as your privacy is the primary focus, and it employs the same end-to-end encryption as regular WhatsApp. Using this mod for private or non-commercial purposes is fine because the app provides fully encrypted communication.

What is the difference between Fouad WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp?

The FM and WhatsApp Fouad Both WhatsApp are modified versions of the WhatsApp official. FM and Fouad WhatsApp are nearly indistinguishable. They both have similar popularity. This app outperforms Whatsapp in features and reviews. They offer distinct features. Although they have similarities, their functionality and personalization choices are somewhat different.

Who created Fouad WhatsApp?

The third-party developer known as “Fouad Mokdad” is responsible for developing the WhatsApp alternative known as Fouad.

How to create a backup in Fouad WhatsApp?

Users need to Launch the Fouad WhatsApp APK and then navigate to the chat section to locate the option to back up their conversations there. If you select this option, a backup of your conversations on the mod will be created. That is all!

How do I update Fouad’s WhatsApp?

Continue to visit our website to confirm that you are utilizing the most recent version of this mod and to determine whether or not you are utilizing the most recent version of this application.

Final Words

The Fouad WhatsApp mod adds various new features to the original WhatsApp. You can send data using WhatsApp by downloading the most recent version of this mod program, which is available for free here. The official software for Fouad Mods is available for iOS. However, the Android version offers a greater variety of customization options.
We have given you all the information you need concerning this app, including the URL to Download Fouad WhatsApp APK. Therefore, you should only download this mod by your own choice.
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