GB WhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2024

Do you want to learn about GB WhatsApp down to the most minute specifics? You have come to the relevant post to know minor information about it. Millions worldwide use this third-party WhatsApp version due to its expanded features and personalization options.

Now is the time to dive in and learn what makes it the greatest chat software for everyone looking to enhance their chat experience.

This article discusses the most downloaded WhatsApp modded version. If you really want to know what this mod is, read this post. You can get an error-free and recent version on this site.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK allows users to communicate with their friends by sending them texts, voice messages, images, videos, and documents. Users can easily download it from any trusted external website. You don’t have to delete WhatsApp to install this application. At the same time you can use Official WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp without any problem. The functionality of WhatsApp gb is superb and easy to use.

There are many Social media apps, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for communicating differently. WhatsApp has gained many users for its convenient communication experience. GBWhatsApp, the first WhatsApp mod, is still actively developed and updated. It is one of the highly personalized and advanced WhatsApp modified versions.

GBWhatsApp File Details

The GBWhatsApp is 70 MB in size. Android 4.3 or higher is required for downloading and using this app. You can use this without rooting your device as it is available on non-rooted devices. This is the latest version of this mod available here. You can use it from our website immediately if you meet the criteria.

GB Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version 2024

GB WhatsApp
File NameGB WhatsApp
Size76 MB
Android Version4.3 and Above
Root RequirementNot Required
Last Update8 Hour Ago

Developers of GB WhatsApp

Three different modders have contributed to GBWhatsApp. These are XDA, HeyMods, and AlexMods. These programmers assist users in learning G by adding more features about personalization and customization options. They get inspiration by the original WhatsApp and added more functionalities to their modified applications.

GB WhatsApp By XDA
XDA created the original version of this WhatsApp mod. This exploit allows you to extend WhatsApp with functionality that the official app lacks. Despite the mod’s widespread use, WhatsApp has opted to phase it out in favor of a more modern experience.

  • Users can choose personalized themes from the theme store.
  • Users can hide & freeze their last seen.
  • Users can use a variety of emoticons and stickers.
  • Users can see the deleted messages and view statuses anonymously.
  • Users have more customization options.
GBWhatsApp By HeyMods
The HeyMods team created this cool mod. HeyMods made GB WhatsApp after seeing the success of XDA. This update provides everything expected from a texting app. As a result, the mod quickly gained traction and maintains its popularity today.

  • Users can choose the DO NOT DISTURB mode for their busy schedules.
  • Users have more variety of themes in the theme store.
  • Users can download the status easily.
  • Users have more privacy options.
  • Users can personalize their profile pictures.
  • Users have the option to backup & restore their data.
GBWhatsApp By AlexMods
The problems experienced by XDA and Heymods inspired AlexMods to create GBWhatsApp Pro. This modification corrects all previous errors. The creators of this mod intended to equip players with everything they would need to hold meaningful conversations with one another.

  • Users have the advantage that this version is anti-banned.
  • Users have many themes to choose from in the theme store.
  • Users can view the hidden status and also download it.
  • Users can create a backup and restore data.
  • Users have more personalization and customization options.

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Comparsion of Offical WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

Choosing between Official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp is challenging because they are nearly similar. Both apps have the same features as WhatsApp Messenger and more. GB WhatsApp’s layout, setup, and message sending are similar to WhatsApp’s official version. The only real distinction is WhatsApp’s suite of vulnerabilities and extra features.

FeaturesGB WhatsAppWhatsApp
Status Lenght 255139
Hide Last Seen☑️
Auto Reply☑️
Status Copy☑️
Theme Store☑️
DND Mode☑️
Text History☑️
Language Supported45130
Blank Messages☑️
Media Sharing74 MB

GB WhatsApp APK Features

Users’ primary concern when deciding whether or not to download an app is the program’s functionality to them. Look at them carefully.

Variant Themes from Theme Store
This customized application comes with a Theme Store, where users may buy and access unlimited themes to customize their experience. With the assistance of one of the various themes that are currently accessible, your application has the potential to stand out from the competition.
Automatic Reply
You can use the auto-reply function to send messages to your friends and family. Your talk time will be cut short if you do this. You can always get back to your friends when they message you.
Anti-Ban GB WhatsApp
This modified version is intended to get over bans placed on the account. Because of this update, users will no longer risk getting banned from the service if they use the application as a messaging system. So there is no risk of blocking your account.
Distracting Texts
Receiving WhatsApp alerts while using other applications is a highly unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. You can ignore the messages from those people by utilizing this mod, which allows you to do so without having to exit the application in which you are now working.
Variant Emoticons & Stickers
If you want to express yourself more clearly in a conversation, you only have to use an emoji or a sticker. Those users of online chat who struggle with finding the right words to express themselves could benefit significantly from selecting this option. No restriction is placed on the number of emojis or stickers users can use.
Freeze Your Last Seen
It is your best choice if you want to fool your friends by giving them a phony location where you were last seen. Your previous sighting will take on a new appearance due to this change. Even if you were online when your contacts checked your last seen, they would see a different time even if you were online at that moment.
Multiple Accounts
TBecause there is support for dual accounts, it is possible to use the same device to run both GBWhatsApp and the original version of WhatsApp. You must follow the guidelines to utilize WhatsApp on two separate phone numbers.
Hidden View Status
Use the “Hide View Status” option to check on a contact’s status without alerting them that you are doing so. If you select this option, you can check the online/offline status of anyone in your contact list without drawing attention to yourself.
Quick Location Sharing
This modification adds a function that allows you to communicate your position with a friend if you are in a precarious situation and cannot verify your location. You can inform your friends of your whereabouts and even solicit their assistance.
Mode DND
You may utilize the DND function to prevent GBWA from accessing the Internet while using it, which is useful if you are in the middle of something else on your Android phone and don’t want to be interrupted. It is helpful if you’re trying to multitask and don’t want to be diverted by Whatsapp notifications.
Instant Messages Broadcast
Using the broadcast tool, you can instantly contact a large group of people with a single text message.
Anti-Delete Texts
It can be very frustrating when someone sends you a message but then deletes it before you can read it. Even though the message has been deleted from everyone’s inbox, you can still view it if you have this mod since it lets you see the sender has deleted messages.
In-Built Status Downloader
It is possible to access the most recent status updates posted by your contacts by using one of the many status downloaders available on the Internet; however, we cannot guarantee that your information will be kept secret. You can download any status from your gallery with the help of this modified version. As a result, using a status downloader provided by a third party is not required.
Message filtering
The GB Whatsapp APK already has the Filter Messages feature integrated. You have the option to clear chat, which also serves to filter your messages. You can also use this feature to filter your messages.
Impressive Effects
Users may add stunning, one-of-a-kind effects to their images and videos before sharing them with their close ones.
Check the Texts History
Through the Messages History function, you may look back at all the messages your contacts and groups have sent that you have since deleted.
Change Contact's settings
With the “Alter Contacts” feature, you can modify a contact’s media settings within your gallery.
Unread Texts
In addition to marking read messages, the notice allows you to indicate which messages remain unread.
Send Large Size Data Files
Share as many images as you can. Users may send over ninety images simultaneously, improving the standard WhatsApp app. You can also send them a movie up to 50 MB in size. And you can send an audio file of up to 100 MB.
Numerous Themes
Whatsapp GB’s theme choice is also new to this customization update. You also get Endless Themes. Therefore, you may customize your phone with an unbelievable array of themes and emojis based on your chosen mode.
Alter the Language
You can change the language from installed to the one you like, which is one of the best advantages.
Notification of Changing Profile Picture
This program also has a notification option that alerts you anytime a contact in your list of contacts uploads a new profile image
More Customization
The background’s text, color, and pattern can all be customized as part of the personalization process. The user’s preferences can be applied to virtually every aspect of the app. You have the option of changing the text color as well as the typeface if you want to make some modifications to the program you are using.
Banner Notifications
Another great thing about the GB WhatsApp APK is that it allows you to hide the pop-up alerts displayed by this mod.
Backup and Restore Your Data
Because this program allows you to back up and restore your data, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your information if you use GBWhatsApp on a device other than the one you first installed. Your data can be back up on one device and restored on another using the same account. If you do this, the data you provide will always keep secure.


There are several requirements, but they are the most basic:

  • You will need access to the Internet for downloading this.
  • We suggest that you connect to WIFI.
  • Gallery and Contacts Access.
  • Id of the Device.
  • Access to Remote Storage
  • Access to the location of the device.

Download GB WhatsApp for Android

The modded version of GBWhatsApp is unavailable in the Play Store, so if you want to use it, you’ll have to download it from a third-party site. Look at these easy instructions to get this mod onto your device.

GB WhatsApp
  • To do this, you need to open a web browser first.
  • Afterward, you need to type the relevant keyword of GBWhatsaApp into your search engine.
  • Then, you have to Flip and open the relevant mobile page.
  • To obtain the file, you must click the download button.
  • Please wait while the file downloads to your computer.
  • You need to Launch the file using the system’s default file browser at this step.
  • The installation will begin when users turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • The installation will take a moment to finish.
  • When the downloading process is complete, you can launch the file.
  • Now, you must Type in the mobile phone number you intend to use this mod on.
  • You can use this mod if you fulfill the minimum prerequisites. That is it!

GB WhatsApp For iPhone

There are a lot of devices out there now, but the iPhone stands out. Although thousands of people use this device, many have yet to learn how to get the iOS file onto it. Follow along if you’re familiar with downloading, too.

  • Firstly, you have to Start by opening the browser on your mobile device.
  • After that, you must select the button provided further down to begin the download of the iOS file.
  • After the download, you must open the file to install it.
  • To begin the setup process, click the “Install” button.
  • In just a few seconds, the installation process will finish.
  • Now, you can easily launch Gbwhatsapp iOS after the installation process.
  • Finally, kindly Sign in with your existing WhatsApp account or sign up for a new one. That is it!

GB WhatsApp For PC

GB WhatsApp APK download is only compatible with Android devices. However, this modification is available on a computer, thanks to emulators. There are only a few easy actions you’ll need to take to get this mod onto your computer, and they are as follows:

  • The first step is to get an emulator set up on your PC.
  • Kindly Follow the link below to download GBWhatsApp.
  • You will see the mod installation by creating a virtual Android environment on your computer using an emulator.
  • This modification is available at no cost after installation. Enjoy the app!

How to Download And Install GB WhatsApp APK

There are a lot of folks who can’t get the APK file installed because they don’t know how. Refrain from fretting if you are similarly interested in the procedure. We will explain how to get it and put it on your device. All the premium options are there in the Mod APK you install. A step-by-step guide is below:

Steps for GB WhatsApp APK Download:
  • The GB WhatsApp APK you are trying to modify requires sufficient storage space.
  • When the Settings tab will display, you must click the button labeled “Allow Unknown Sources.”
  • To download the APK file, please click the appropriate link below.
Steps to Install GB WhatsApp:
  • To install, please go to where you stored the APK file after downloading.
  • Kindly Open this APK using your phone’s browser.
  • You need to start the app up.
  • After logging in, you may use all of WhatsApp’s great features.
Pros And Cons Of GBWhatsApp
  • With this mod, you can invite many people to participate in group audio and video calls.
  • This modification adds many fantastic new features to WhatsApp that were not present in the base version of the app.
  • A wide variety of new personalization choices are available within the app.
  • A third-party app of this nature could be more trustworthy.
  • It can be more secure and may even steal information from its users.
  • There is an unacceptable risk involved in using these kinds of programs



What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modified application of WhatsApp Plus that adds more features and capabilities to the original program. It is the most popular mod with so many cool features. This modification is an alternate version of the well-known messaging service WhatsApp.

How Can I Download The GB WhatsApp App?

The first step in downloading this modification to your device is to click the download button on this page. Now your file will begin downloading without any hassle.

How Can I Install the GB WhatsApp App?

Once the file has finished downloading, you should open it. You can install the file once when you enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the device’s settings. To begin using this modification, enter the required information. Enjoy the app!

Is GB WhatsApp free?

The answer is yes; there are zero costs associated with using this app.

Is GB WhatsApp Safe To Use?

This app goes through extensive testing before being made available to the general public. Apart from that, this version has widespread usage, and users raise no known issues. You can use this modded version without concern.

Which WhatsApp Is Better, GB Or Normal?

It is completely up to one’s personal preferences. Users can get it if they desire more features and don’t mind the downsides. If safety is top of mind, they must use the official release.

How Can I Update GBWhatsApp?

If you want to use the latest version of GBWhatsApp on your mobile device, keep coming here regularly for the most recent ‘gb whatsapp update.

Final Words

When it comes to WhatsApp modifications, GB WhatsApp is at the top. With this app, your data is safe. This mod turns everything into a good time. This exploit improves WhatsApp in many ways.
Click on gb whatsapp apk download now for free and start enjoying all its wonderful features immediately. You can also have the option of ‘gb whatsapp update’ from our site. Please tell your friends about this fantastic GB WhatsApp APK and enhance your chatting experience.
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